Tool Overview

Graphical user interface

The interface graphics of SChorA is separated into 3 main parts: script editor, outline, and result.

  • Script Editor where you can edit a SChorA script to verify. The SChorA script consists of 2 parts: declaration and command.
    • The declaration part, started by DECLARATIONS keyword, contains component declarations. Each component declaration is a script in ChorD language or in Dot language. It describes either a choreography or a role specification.
    • The command part, started by COMMANDS keyword, contains commands to be executed. The commands are listed here.
  • Component Outline contains the outline of the current SChorA script in the editor. Click on one outline item to goto the correspondent component in the editor.
  • Results shows the execution result of the script.


  1. Run: executes the current SChorA script.
  2. New: creates new SChorA script by clearing the current one.
  3. Outline: contains the outline of the current SChorA script. When you click on one outline link, e.g., spec, you will be focused on the editor, and the cursor will move to the spec component.
  4. Collapse/Expand all: collapses or expands all result tags in the output panel.
  5. Collapse/Expand: collapses or expands the current result tag.
  6. Examples: lists all available examples. You click on one item of the list to load example.
  7. Help: provides some introductions of using SChorA
  8. About: gives some informations about SChorA: authors, licence, …

Last modified: 09 July, 2013.