Howto: Project a choreography

This page presents how to use SChorA to obtain local models of each participants in a choreography specification spec. You need follow the steps bellow:

  1. goto SChorA IDE:
  2. click on New button to create a new SChorA script
  3. enter the models of spec after DECLARATIONS keyword. The model is put into component and end component keywords. For example:
        component impl chorD
            request[a,b] ; response[b,a]
        end component
  4. enter a command to projectspec after COMMANDS keyword. For example
        projection spec SYNC

    This command will project spec under synchronous communication into n local STGs representing n models of participants of the choreography. For other communication mode, you can use one of follow: ASYNC_SENDER, ASYNC_RECEIVER or ASYNC_DISJOINT

  5. click on button Run to execute the script
  6. the result is display on Output tab.

Last modified: July 10, 2013